Working with stakeholders

DeepGreen is committed to radical transparency and to working with all stakeholders.

As we move into the important Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) phase of our work, we are seeking input from the scientific community, conservation NGOs, academics, policy makers and the public to help guide the process

Gerard Stakeholder Engagement

Environmental workshops

Our most recent ESIA stakeholder briefing was held in San Diego in February, 2020. Over 70 people from all over the world took part in the two-day workshop focusing on the opportunities and challenges of collecting deep sea nodules as a source of essential metals to facilitate the green transition.

The agenda from the event contains an outline of the workshops along with key details about our speakers. A list of the workshop participants is also available for your reference.

Additional stakeholder workshops will be held in the near future, and details will be posted on our website.

Scoping report and terms of reference

Providing opportunities for participation and consultation is an integral part of an ESIA and for all facets of this project now and into the future.

As part of the ESIA, a Scoping Report and Terms of Reference document is being developed and will soon be made available for comment. We will continue to keep you updated about these documents and opportunities to provide feedback in the coming months.

Get involved

Join the conversation by following our updates on social media and here on our website. You can also submit questions and feedback to the team at any time.

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If you have more questions about DeepGreen’s mission or our process, we invite you to explore our Questions and Answers page.

The Next Level: DeepGreen is combining with the Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corporation to go public as The Metals Company.


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