We’re all on a quest. 
For a sustainable planet.

And a world that transitions away from fossil fuels, to greener and sustainable technologies that rely on electric batteries.

But we have a choice to make.

Where do we find the battery metals to power that cleaner future? Do we continue to mine the land, in increasingly delicate places, drilling and digging, deeper and deeper, for ore that offers less and less of the metal we need?

Or is it time to look to the ocean, where vast fields of ocean nodules sit unattached on the deep seafloor, containing most of the battery metals we will ever need.

At DeepGreen we imagine a world with a billion-plus electric cars, and massive energy storage capacity for solar and wind power. A world where we actually start recycling all the metals we produce, and reduce our fossil fuel dependency, to take pressure off the Earth.


But we will need billions of batteries to reach that future. And that means we need to find a new, more responsible source for battery metals.

We now have the technology to responsibly obtain these essential battery metals — cobalt, nickel, copper, manganese and others — from this untapped metal resource on the deep ocean floor.

Best of all, these will be be metals we can all feel good about.

They sit on the deep-ocean floor, far from shore and coral reefs. We are developing the technology to lift them from the ocean floor using state-of-the-art deep-sea harvesters, with maximum respect to our ocean’s health.

There will be no deforestation. No explosives. No toxic waste. No drilling or grinding on the ocean floor. And we can help eliminate unethical mining — including the use 40,000 children to produce cobalt in the Congo.

It’s the responsible choice. A revolutionary choice. It is the choice that will supply the metals for our future.

We invite you to join us on our mission.

Gerard Baron,

CEO DeepGreen