Protecting our oceans — and the planet — is an absolute priority for everyone at DeepGreen as we move to a truly sustainable future.

That’s why we bring revolutionary thinking to supply the metals for our future, to build the battery technology that is now exploding in growth.

DeepGreen’s future metals are clean. By that we mean they are ethically obtained, with ecological impact minimized. DeepGreen is also committed to assisting the world to achieve the key demands of the United Nations’ sustainability goals. These include:

The metals to be produced — nickel, copper, manganese and cobalt - are critical to building the technologies and infrastructure needed to raise the living standard of billions of people;

These metals for our future are also crucial to meeting society’s clean energy goals;

There will be no deforestation. No explosives. No drilling. No tailings or dams. No pressure on fresh water supplies. No need to clear agricultural lands. No pipelines, railways or the usual infrastructure needed to build mines on land. No destruction of rainforests or any other terrestrial ecosystems. There will be no disruption to indigenous peoples or any community because the site is far offshore, in international waters, in the deep ocean, where no one lives.

The nodules sit on top of the seafloor and they can be recovered without having to move rock or dirt, which often make up 75% of what is mined on land, ending up as waste.  Not having to move rock or dirt to get to the minerals means a lot less waste compared to land-based mining.

There will be no child labor, which is currently used to meet the soaring demand of cobalt from the Congo, where a majority of cobalt is currently obtained.

Preventing Child Labour

Have you ever wondered where the metals come from that make the battery in your mobile phone, laptop or electric vehicle?

Well it’s time you gave it some thought. More than half of the world’s cobalt today comes from the Congo, where Amnesty International estimates there are


aged five and upwards who are involved in mining this cobalt which may be in your phone, laptop or electric car battery.

DeepGreen Inside

Imagine if the products you use came with an iron-clad guarantee where their production involved no child labour, no deforestation and were produced with a commitment to low environmental and social impact. Manufacturers will be able to guarantee that to you when they use DeepGreen inside the products they make and sell.

DeepGreen can guarantee that because we plan to use Blockchain technology across our entire supply chain. We will ensure that we — and you — know where your metals were harvested, where and how they were processed, to whom they were sold, and what products they ended up in. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with DeepGreen inside. Metals for our future, that we can feel good about.