• Gerard Barron

    Gerard Barron

    CEO & Chairman

    Gerard Barron is an entrepreneur and CEO who has a record of building globally focused companies in technology, media and future-oriented resource development. His passion is building companies that will help us build a truly sustainable future.  He has been involved in the early strategic development and financing of DeepGreen since its formation in 2011. In 2001, he made his mark in advertising and media by founding Adstream, and remained CEO of the business until December 2013.  During that time Adstream grew from a single office in Sydney to over 40 offices in 30 countries around the world.  Mr. Barron has also been a first money investor in industry-leading companies, including Nautilus Minerals and Sirtex Medical. He is focusing on DeepGreen because he believes the company will help supply the world with the essential metals to build the technologies needed for a sustainable future, while avoiding the impacts of terrestrial mining, such as deforestation, tailings and child labour.  He lives in London, England.

  • Brian Paes-Braga

    Brian Paes-Braga


    Mr. Brian Paes-Braga is a Partner and Managing Director at Fiore Group, a leading merchant bank which builds, invests, finances and advises firms in the natural resource, technology, food and beverage and entertainment sectors. He sits on the Board of Directors of two Fiore Group portfolio companies, DeepGreen Metals and Thunderbird Entertainment. Brian was Founder and CEO of Lithium X Energy Corp., a lithium resource company, which raised approximately $50 million and, within 2.5 years, was sold to an international company for $265 million in March 2018. Brian is an Advisory Counsel member of the International Crisis Group and is proud to support several charities and research groups through his private family foundation, Quiet Cove Foundation, which seeks to support innovative solutions to large scale social issues. Brian is currently attending the Owners, Presidents and Management (OPM) program at Harvard Business School.

  • Paul Matysek

    Paul Matysek


    Paul Matysek is a proven company builder with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry, having sold four companies in the past decade creating shareholder value in excess of $2.5 billion. He built Energy Metals Corporation which sold to Uranium One in 2007 for $1.8 billion, Potash One which sold to K+S Ag for $434 million in 2011, Lithium One which merged with Galaxy Resources for $112 million in 2012 and most recently sold Goldrock Mines Corp to Fortuna Silver Mines for $178 million in July 2016.  Mr. Matysek is currently Executive Chairman of Lithium X Energy Corp.

  • Dr. Gregory Stone

    Dr. Gregory Stone

    Director & Chief Ocean Scientist

    Dr. Stone is an ocean scientist and explorer with over 10,000 dives throughout Earth’s ocean down to 18,000 feet using submarines, SCUBA, underwater habitats and robotics. Greg is also widely known as a global thought leader who finds ways for humanity and the ocean to co-exist and support each other in the modern world. He was a catalysts at the genesis of the Ocean Health Index and specializes in sustainable fishing, aquaculture, climate adaptation and seamount ecology. Greg’s ability to communicate complex science is illustrated by his compelling TED and Davos talks, and his appearances in documentaries for Discovery and National Geographic. He’s authored hundreds of publications including for Nature, National Geographic, and four books, one a National Outdoor Book Award winner. Greg’s numerous accolades and professional associations include the Explorers Club, Pew Fellowship for Marine Conservation, National Geographic Hero, the Boston Sea Rover’s Diver of the year, Order of Kiribati Medal, the U.S National Science Foundation/Navy Antarctic Service medal, and a NOGI from National Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences. Greg is also Senior Science Advisor to the Special Envoy for Ocean and the World Economic Forum Ocean Program, Previously, he was Chief Scientist for Conservation International and head of their Global Ocean Program. He currently calls Los Angeles his home and looks out at his beloved Pacific Ocean.