DeepGreen and NORI’s mission to supply future metals depends on earning trust and the social license needed in today’s world.

In 2011, NORI received the country sponsorship of the Republic of Nauru, and was the first corporation to sign an exploration contract with the United Nations’ International Seabed Authority.

Maersk, the global energy and shipping company, is now collaborating with DeepGreen and NORI, and Maersk’s Deep Ocean “Launcher” vessel is being used in ongoing scientific and resource evaluation campaigns to NORI Area D.

Glencore, a global resource company, has invested in DeepGreen and contracted to buy a percentage of the nickel and copper produced from a land-based processing plant operated by DeepGreen.

Future Alliances: A core value of DeepGreen is to seek out strategic alliances and partner with leading organizations to produce metals for our future